Saturday, August 31, 2013


I have been thinking about reality TV show a lot lately. I know that they probably do not deserve to take up my brain space but they always seem to make their way into the forefront of my mind. Recently a friend of mine shared a video of reality show commercials that are fake. It's so sad that these could be reality shows today. I often fall into the reality show trap, and it is entertaining to he and haw about some of the crazy things people do, but some of it is unreal.

How about this Amish takeover? One day you are driving down the road and slow down to pass a candlelit, horse drawn carriage and the next thing you know, the "Amish Mafia" is on your tele. I just don't really understand it. I thought that the Amish were against use of electricity, but they allow a camera crew to follow them?! I mean is this real life? Well through some research, I am happy to report that these shows are most likely untrue. I think it's really demeaning to the Amish religion and way of life. Not only this "Amish Mafia" show, but "Breaking Amish" I think is very disrespectful. "Lord help me eat this sandwich" Really? This "reality" TV is encouraging these young adults to break out of their religion and go crazy in some big cities around the country. ALSO! I watched one episode, and this guy brought an Amish girl flowers TWICE in the episode. This really is unrealistic, I mean really, the first flowers did not even have time to die before he got her the second bunch. The best part of Breaking Amish is that the characters wear normal clothes until they are on the individual cameras- I guess so you don't forget that they are different than you and I.  I have heard rumors that the people in these shows are not representing themselves correctly. Who do we place the blame on? I think the channels should be left responsible. I mean I understand that MTV hooked millions with a show about a bunch of party people at the beach, and who knows what was scripted, but I really expected that from MTV. The above shows I mentioned are on TLC- isn't that The Learning Channel? And the Discovery Channel...what are we discovering by watching such things? I guess I just think that if these channels want to have a show about the Amish and they want to script it, why do they have to advertise it as a reality show? I really have just watched some clips of these shows, I am not an avid viewer, I am just ranting.

This brings me to shows that are on certain channels. The Discovery channel, which was founded in 1982 and concentrated on educational documentaries. Then they started Shark Week in the late eighties which appealed to a broader audience. I wish that they had youtube back then, but I am not sure how to get my hands on one of the first episodes ever. I am not a big shark girl, but I looked back as far as I could and found a very educational episode on the different species of sharks. Shark week 2013 looked a little more gruesome. But I would still say that Shark week is pretty educational. And Cash Cab is one of my family favorites and of course Mythbusters. But as I mentioned the Amish Mafia is a part of the Discovery channel. What do you think we will be discovering in ten years? Let's take a look at the History Channel- also known as a pretty boring channel that we would watch clips of in history class (or- one of Chris' favorite channels as a kid  ;) ) History included: The Civil War, The American Revolution, The Crusades, JFK: A Presidency Revealed. Now history includes: American Pickers, Pawn Stars, God, Guns, and Automobiles. While some of us may find these shows entertaining, what do they have to do with history besides that maybe someone in history once owned an artifact that shows up in a pawn shop. Bah humbug.

I think the best part of reality TV is "What not to Wear". The other day after I finished sweating in the kitchen for hours, I found myself stopping at the Library to pick up a couple of books. As I was opening the door, I caught my reflection in the glass. My Hanes t-shirt and gym shorts would not have made it past the first round in that show. I laughed to myself. I understand that there is always a story behind the people they pick for the show; that they are insecure with their looks, or don't want to stand out- but I just wear what I can afford and what is practical. When I find myself watching some of that show or even a commercial, I always point out to Christopher- "Oh my I have that!" or "I would wear that..." I just can't get a grip on how the hosts just throw away those victims' entire wardrobe! I mean they don't even accept jeans and a t-shirt. I remember speaking with Chris for hours before we started dating, and he mentioned how he was a fan of small town girls, and was attracted to girls in jeans and a t-shirt. Now I am not sure if this was because I had covered both of those areas, but he's really stuck with the t-shirt girl now huh?  Good thing the last season of that show has already been filmed, because I would be afraid that someone might send them my way.

I don't often have an opinionated rant about anything other than food, but I thought that someone needed to address this issue. Let me know your thoughts.

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