Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fly me to Neverland

Growing up is hard
No one warns you about this 
Some days I want to grow up real fast
Be an adult
But what comes with that?
Today I want to fly off to Neverland
I want to be back at the pool, asking my mom for a dollar to get ice cream
Not a care in the world
Not worried about how to pay for your next meal
Or the bills you need to pay
Not praying your car doesn't break down
Or that you'll win the lottery
No work to keep you busy
Or gas tank to fill
Only worry in the world is homework and hygiene
Baseball in the backyard 
Grass in between your toes
No schedules to work around 
Or lists to make
I aspired to be the President of the United States
Now I aspire to be on time to work 
The tears sprouted from a booboo
Now they brim from stress
Attached at the hip with your best friend, then
Lucky if you see a friend every now and again
Then your favorite meal cost five bucks
Now pizza doesn't cut it 
No one let's you know it's going to be hard
There is no textbook to get you through this course
Trial and error is the way it goes 
When are we finished growing up?
Is anyone ever really grown up?
I'm going to write the textbook when I get there

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


So everyone's life is stressful. I don't think anyone can judge anyone else's stress level because we are all different and we handle our daily stressors individually. Someone may look at me and say, wow she has it pretty good- loves her job, great boyfriend, seems like she's got her shit together. But what they may not know is that sometimes I really, really don't. And even when it seems that I do, my mind doubles back and finds something to be stressed about. No matter what your mind runs on about, how many things you need to accomplish today, or what you have on your plate tomorrow; you need to find your release. I have been searching for mine for a while and it was not until recently that I found it: yoga. 

If you haven't tried yoga you need to. I want to compare it to learning a new language or practicing a musical instrument. You have to devote your mind to the art of yoga because it is a new language. And while your mind is completely engaged in every way, you have no time or room to think about any outside stressor. It's the best thing that has happened to me in two years! 

My friend recommended this "new to yoga" class set. It was a set of three introductory classes for people who have never tried yoga before. And after tonight, the last night of my class set, I was definitely hooked. Yoga encourages you to connect your physicality with your mind. It relaxes your mind as well as stretching your body. The yoga studio is heated which I actually really enjoy, it keeps my body warm and comfortable. And the type of yoga that they practice at this yoga studio is vinyasa yoga which means that every pose flows together which is pretty neat. The repetition and familiarity with the same 'vinyasa' combined with the introduction of new poses and challenging stretches really just relaxes every part of me. The best way I can describe it is that my whole body breathes during yoga and isn't that what we all need? That deep sigh? 

I had never tried it before because I was worried about the instructor judging my inability and the other people in the class laughing at my lack of coordination. But in reality, it's such an individual sport. You can bring a friend if you are hesitant, but I really enjoyed not knowing anyone walking into the class because I was really able to focus on myself which is what I needed, instead of goofing off or bonding with another. Once you do one class, you will realize that it's not about everyone looking at each other and pointing, it's about you looking at yourself letting yourself go. Not everyone does the poses the same, and once you find what works best for you, it's okay if it doesn't look the same as the person next to you because their body is different than yours. 

I am really glad to have found yoga. I think that I needed not only a hobby, but an outlet to make myself relax and do a little self reflection. And hey it's exercise! All I am asking you do to is try it, men and women alike. If it's not for you then there is no harm other than a couple of bucks, but if you  find your center, you can thank me later. Namaste.