Saturday, November 30, 2013

Weather or Not

I like all weather, in moderation. Right now I am praying that we don't get a lot more snow because I will get my snow tires on in a week and I have to make it until then.
Rochester weather is, unfortunate. I think that the weather is the same other places, but it just stinks when the weather is bad in a city. The roads are yuck and the traffic sucks. When it's pouring, everyones rushing around and the lights (especially in the dark) send beams everywhere. When there is snow, the main roads and highways aren't too bad, but the people who have to park on the street- AKA ME- do not have it very great. The city plows every other side of the street in accordance to the every other street parking signs. The problem is that unless your car is out of the way when the plow comes through, you have A) been "plowed in" with the snow that has been pushed up against your car, and B) make it so that there are less plowed spots on the streets for others to park. Luckily we have not run into A yet, but the plow came twenty minutes before you had to move your car yesterday and we watched as a guy ran out to his car just as the plow was maneuvering around his car. I guess since I grew up in the country, there is less chance of you ending up in a field somewhere and more of a chance that the roads are plowed. However, at least in the country you know four burly men who each have a heavy duty truck that can help you get out of that ditch. Here you just have to hope that your car doesn't slide on the ice so that you don't cause a major accident because you will. This morning when I woke up it was 7 degrees out. That's really cold. Now the temperature has risen to 25, and I am happy with that. The problem is that our first snow here was a very wet snow, and caused a lot of slush. Then the temperature dropped and it all froze. We have tried to shovel but it's impossible because of the ice. I was thinking smart and got some salt at the store yesterday, however we have now been scolded by the landlord because apparently the salt ruins the porch and he has special salt that won't. It's probably Kosher. Honestly I think that slipping and breaking something would be worse than ruining the porch, but you could say I am a little bitter. In general it's just cold and I enjoy the snowman making and fort creating but it's not like that here. Not enough snow on my little front lawn to make a big snowman and have the ground still be pretty and white. I am sure it would turn a distinct green brown and look unpleasant. We are thinking of getting our Christmas tree tomorrow, depending on the weather. Everyone keeps saying it's too early and maybe it is, but it will be December first, and our house is cold enough to keep it fresh. (We don't like to crank the heat, I know unheard of.)  Anyway we are dealing with the weather. It's not even bad yet. I just don't like driving in the wintery weather, I am a nervous driver without the snow. But we trudge on. I put a few different places in my weather update on my phone so that I can see that in Barrow, Alaska- the most northern city in the USA- is -2 degrees. And to counter that, it's 66 degrees in wonderful Hilo, Hawaii (the city farther souther in the United States).  I like to keep my life in perspective you know. Where ever you are I hope that the weather is in your favor.

Friday, November 29, 2013


One of the biggest parts of my childhood was a horrific car accident that my family was involved in. I was five years old and have little memory of the event, but the memories that I do have although short, are very vivid. 

When the cars collided, my mom was thrown from the car, and found many feet behind us. My father suffered from a seatbelt burn and major glass from the windshield imbedded in his skin. I hit my head on the light in the center of the car. I remember my father taking me out of the car, and then I can picture him setting me on the other side of the ditch while he ran to find my mother. I have a memory of   the car then spinning and spinning. This did not happen, but rather I passed out. 

I remember at some point being inside of the Ronald McDonald house, and there was a room filled with stuffed animals. I am not sure who was staying there. 

When I was in my hospital bed asleep one night I had a dramatic dream about scary lobsters ready to eat me under my bed. I called and called for my father. He slept in the chair next to me that night. The funny part was that the lobsters were bright red, which only happens after you cook them. 

Another morning, when I regained my walking ability, my dad took me to the cafeteria for breakfast. I distinctly remember picking up a box of fruit loops. The woman behind the counter asked if I was eating breakfast with my grandfather, and I was very confused. My father has had white hair for as long as I can remember and many people have mistaken him for my grandpa. But I had just suffered from a fractured skull a.k.a. a major brain injury and I could not figure out what she was talking about. 

When I arrived home from the hospital a lot of my extended family was there. I remember than my aunt and uncle were there from  California. There was a small 6 inch ramp that was between the bathroom and the dining room in our home and I can think back to walking up the ramp to use the restroom. But when I was coming down I fell, hard. I can feel the pain now. My dad carried me to the couch as I screamed and cried. He thought that I had a charlie horse and so he started massaging me where I said my leg hurt. Turns out I had a broken femur that the doctors had missed when they were so focused on my head. 

My entire family made it out okay. We survived the accident and I am so thankful. It is a big part of why our family is so closely knit. I am fascinated that I have such clear memories of such a big event in my life even if it was at such a young age, and I had a head injury at that! I don't have many other memories from my childhood and I think that even though some of the parts I remember are quite silly, I knew that the event was something I would need to remember in the future, even if I didn't understand it at the time. I am thankful for the few memories that I have from that traumatic time. Without them, I don't think I would feel so connected and thankful for my family. 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Many Thanks

The thing I am most thankful for is my other half. Many of you may have become uninterested as soon as you read that. "Enough of that mushy hulla balloo."  "This blog is not for me." But I am serious, and I don't say it enough. Chris does so much for me, some things I take for granted, but this blog post is dedicated to him, and how thankful I am to call him mine.

Thank you for making me coffee in the morning when I am sleepy. 

Thank you for digging my car out of the snow, even if it means that your feet get wet and you are late for work. 

Thank you for including me in your family. 

Thank you for surprising me by cleaning the house when I am gone. 

Thank you for always drying the dishes that I wash. 

Thank you for making endless dinners for me even after you have worked all day. 

Thank you for helping me study in school even when you don't need to. 

Thank you for watching Say Yes to the Dress with me... and Dancing with the Stars..

Thank you for always fetching me a snack or drink whenever I ask you. 

Thank you for the "just because" gifts.

Thank you for taking care of me when I am sick...and dealing with the attack of the tissues.

Thank you for driving more often than me. 

Thank you for going to church with me. 

Thank you for being apart of my family. 

Thank you for always splitting a Klondike bar with are better at cutting them in half then I am. 

Thank you for telling me that I am beautiful. 

Thank you for loving 'Friends' as much as I do. 

Thank you for getting in the Christmas spirit even if you think it's too early. 

Thank you for the hugs when you can see that I need them. 

Thank you for trying to tame my hair dilemmas. 

Thank you for helping me with the laundry. 

Thank you for dealing with the landlord when I don't want to. 

Thank you for working your tail off every day to support us. 

Thank you for understanding my crazy way of thinking. 

Thank you for the kisses. 

Thank you for taking out the garbage. 

Thank you for going out to eat with me.

Thank you for eating vegetables with me. 

Thank you for allowing me to look foolish eating a burger the size of my face and not say anything. 

Thank you for merging our collection of books. 

Thanks for living with me. 

Thanks for being so clean. 

Thank you for loving me even though I don't like peanut butter...or get any references to pop culture. 

Thank you for encouraging me to start and continue my blog. 

Thank you for not giving up on me when even I sometimes get frustrated with myself. 

Thank you for always making sure I use a coaster. 

Thank you for all of the jewelry you have gotten me. 

Thank you for teasing me just enough. (Just kidding sometimes you go too far)

Thank you for teaching me something new everyday. 

Thank you for reminding me that I need to laugh at myself. 

Thank you for encouraging me to go after my dreams. 

Thank you for always being honest with me. 

Thank you for not being one of those video game guys. 

Thank you for holding my hair..

Thank you for trusting me. 

Thank you for being my best friend in the whole world. 

..Which includes thank you for sharing secrets with me. 

Thank you for being thrifty. 

Thank you for loving the outdoors as much as I do. 

Thank you for tucking me in. 

Thank you for going along with my plans. 

Thank you for being responsible. 

Thank you for being the reasonable one. 

Thank you for giving me advice. 

Thank you for surprises even though I hate them because you really know I love them.

Thank you for knowing me better than I know myself. 

Thank you for being creative.

Thank you for not being embarrassed of me even when I am having a bad hair day.

Thank you for being adventurous. 

Thank you for brightening my mood even when I want to be mad. 

Thank you for everything. 

And thank you for everything I forgot to say thank you for. 

I love you.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pride Rock

I am kicking myself for some of these subjects that I picked. I am not sure why I picked something I am proud of. I don't know why being boastful would be interesting to others. I am a pretty humble person and today when I was trying to think of something I am proud of I couldn't think of anything specific. I am not so proud of my not so famous meatloaf recipe, or my flossing routine. I don't have a cute kid who makes me beam or a gallery full of artwork. So what am I proud of?

I am content with where I am in my life. I am proud of what I have done so far, where I am aspiring to go, and how much I have accomplished.

At twenty one years old:

I have graduated from one of the best culinary schools in the country with an Associates degree. I am proud of my college education. Many people get into the CIA, but not many people complete their degree. I am friends with some of the soon to be greats!

I am apart of a successful, healthy relationship. I work hard at my relationship everyday and I am happy doing it. I remember our past and look forward to our future. I have found someone who treats me like a princess. You know you grow up and everyone says "Tricia, real life is not a Nicholas Sparks book". No it's not, it's better. I am proud that I reeled Christopher in, and that I am able to keep him. I must be some sort of wonderful to keep such a special guy.

I live on my own. Sort of. Christopher and I live on our own. With support from our families, we have a furnished place we like to call home. It really is sweet and I would say that I am very excited and proud of what a great spot we have.

I work hard at holding two part time jobs. I am a hard working girl who is eager to learn. I work for a great caterer and I am so happy to grow with the business. This is what I am really cut out for and I enjoy every minute of it. I learn more every time that I cater, and I am beginning to run some of the events. This job seems to have a bright future, and I am very proud of what I have accomplished within it. In addition I work for a restaurant, and continue to keep myself busy in order to support myself. I take pride in my work and I have a passion for what I do.

I have a plan for myself, and I am on the right path. I am happy that I know what is important to me in my life and that I strive to live with that in mind through my everyday actions. . I am very focused, and I am able to have fun, but I know that hard work is the important and will get me where I want to be in the end.

So that's what I am proud of. I am proud of myself for being well rounded and focused, and for knowing what the heck I want out of my life. Not everyone can say that.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Unusual Education

I picked this topic because I thought it would be interesting to talk about my learning styles and why I value my different phases of education.

When I was a little tot, my parents enrolled me in a alternative style preschool/kindergarten where I learned about nature and how to sew. It was a stepping stone into the direction of Waldorf school, which is where I attended first grade.

Waldorf style learning originating in Germany and is mainly a European style of teaching. It emphasizes imagination and different stages in a child's development. Creativity is valued highly and a number of nature focused stories are taught.  I have distinct memories of this one year of my life, which feels like it had to be more than a year. I learned French, Spanish, and German, mind you I was a first grader. Music classes were just as important as these language classes and I learned to play the flute; not the metal sideways flute but an upright wooden "recorder". We participated in our own Grecian Olympic games, including the javelin throw, discus, archery, and more. We dressed in togas and head wreathes to celebrate the games. We celebrated the not so Hallmark holidays. Such as dancing around the May pole on May first and putting our boots out for Saint Nicholas to bring us gold painted walnuts on December 6th. We painted often and listened to stories based on fairies and mother nature. I remember spending a lot of time outdoors and using my imagination to play. After my first grade year at this school, the school closed due to lack of funding. My parents and a few other parents rallied together and hired my teacher to become our private tutor. The new school would be in my home. For me, it was homeschooling, but not for others. At times we had up to six students, but others only two. A room of our home was dedicated to this "Windy Ridge" home school. I learned to write, in ink with a calligraphy pen. I painted with watercolors, and recited poems. On Fridays, my father would teach a cooking class in the mornings, and school was out around noon. I became very independent, not only because there were only a few students, but because I was left to my own imagination. The Waldorf style teaching does not push a student to learn things, they address different skills as the child is ready. I was just learning to read and write when was around six or seven. The testing system was also quite different than what you know. There were no set exams, but you were tested on your everyday skills.

After I completed third grade, the number of students in our small school were dwindling, and my teacher suggested that my parents look into a different school, and close our home school. I think that my parents looked into Montessori school, which is similar to Waldorf school, but for some reason they decided against it. It was decided that I would start at a public school, but that I would take third grade again because I was not as developed as some of the other students. Also my parents wanted me to be able to adjust to the social scene as well as the learning style change before I would have to take standardized tests in 4th grade. I had a hard time with friendships throughout my start of public school. I stayed very independent and made friends with the characters in books. I think I read the entire library of my classroom and spent most of my recesses deep in a book. I can definitely say that I had trouble with testing, and I think it still effects me to this day.

I continued public school until the end of my high school career. I am a hands on learner and I attribute this to my early education. I also make up little rhymes or riddles to remember things which I think is due to my Waldorf education. I chose to be a chef because I would rather be physically doing something with my hands than sitting at a desk job for my whole life, and I also think that Waldorf had an influence on this. Still today I have a filled imagination, which I am proud of. I wonder what I would be like if I had continued my Waldorf education. I think I might be brighter than I am today. Many people scoff at Waldorf schools, they think they are hippie-like or that they are too liberal. But the funny thing is- my parents are not either of these two things. I plan on asking them over Thanksgiving why they chose Waldorf school. I am really intrigued by these alternate education plans. When I have children I will definitely consider them. Although Chris is one of those private school discriminators who makes fun of me for being weird and attributes it to my Waldorf education. Maybe it is, but hey he still loves me right?  I think unique is better, I don't think kids should be exposed to so much television at a young age, I encourage myself and others to be one with nature, I enjoy the outdoors and the arts. So why not? I am thankful for my different history regarding my education.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Dating Decade Dilemma

My thoughts on dating are old fashioned. I often wish that I had grown up in a different time period, I think I may have fit in a little better. Dating back in the day seems to be a lot more straight forward. Dates were more common. It was not a huge deal for a boy to ask a girl he thought was suitable out. Although I cannot attest completely because I am not an old fashioned boy. A female could be asked out on dates by a few different men and this was not a huge deal, this was also called "courting". You could date all that you wanted, as long as you were not spoken for. If you went on several dates with the same individual, then maybe you would start "going steady" which is what people refer to as "dating" today. 

Pros of Old Fashioned Dating

People could get to know each other before they were labeled an item.

The physicality of the relationship went slower. 

Both parties were less embarrassed to actually go out on a date.

No double standards regarding girls seeing more than one guy or vise versa. 

More dates! How often do you actually get to go out on a date with your significant other?

Chivalry. Enough said, the men had to compete, so they were much more like gentlemen than this honking the horn from the driveway to pick you up business. 


No technology! Amazing honestly. No "tone" over a text message, no break ups over the phone, etc. They had to actually communicate back then. 

One night stands were seldom. 


It cost less money. (I guess that's probably due to inflation, but hey it's still a positive).

THE OUTFITS- I mean really people.

Double dates were way more popular. 


They showed these educational videos in school! 

I guess I just fantasize about what it would've been like to grow up in a different era. I think that I would've loved to be "wooed" by Christopher. But either way I am happy with him. And I should write a disclaimer saying that none of the above mentioned tidbits are targeted towards Christopher. We have had a quite old fashioned courtship and not once did he honk at me from the driveway. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Frustrating Satisfactions

So I looked up some statistics on the population's biggest pet peeves and I thought I would add my own commentary. Satisfaction

1) "Drivers who don't use their turn signal"
It's true, who likes these people? Not me. My sister always tells Chris that he falls in the late turn signal category, and she suggests it might be because he is from Michigan. When we traveled to Michigan not too long ago, he noticed that some of the other driver's use the late signal as well. But he attributes his turn signal delay to the fact that he gets annoyed by the sound of the clicking if the turn signal is on too long. One pet peeve right into the next I guess.

2) "Couples who sit on the same side of the booth when there is no one on the other side."
Jealous much? I think this is cute, but it's also a stage. Once Christopher slid in next to me on the same side of the booth as me and it was an element of surprise. But when I think back to that time, we were still in the beginning phase of our relationship. Now we would rather look at each other and hold a conversation than hold hands under the table.

3) "People who don't use coasters"
I admit that I have done this before and my mother was not too happy with the result. It was Thanksgiving and I warmed myself up a nice mug of cider, when I lifted my cup off the polished wood, everyone gasped. It has been a few years and a good amount of lemon oil has faded the distinct ring that my cup once left. One of the essential items that Chris and I first found for our apartment was a slick set of coasters. And I will say that now, if I absentmindedly rest my glass on the coffee table, I receive an abrupt "ahhemm."

4) "Made up car names that are not even real words"
But seriously, who comes up with those names? Because that would be an awesome job.

5) "People that interrupt you when your telling a story and then they continue to tell you their story and then ask you in an uninterested tone to continue on with your story when they are finished talking."
I totally do this all the time. It's not our fault that we will easily forget the awesome story that just popped into our head so we have to blurt it out. This is one of Chris' pet peeves. He will threaten to not tell his story, and then he remembers that he loves me. 

6)"Driver's who won't turn right on red"
In some cases yes, but in others, I am guilty. If it's a tough turn, or you can't see the traffic that has the right of way, or even if you are just in the groove of the tune on the radio. I know that not everyone is on a relaxed schedule, but on the days that I am, sometimes I don't turn on red. Which leads me to another one- "People who honk at you if you don't turn right on red." Lay off!

7) "When ice cream drips out of the bottom of the sugar cone"
This my friends, is how brain freezes were invented. Everyone is trying to eat their ice cream so fast because they are afraid of the inevitable: the meltdown. 

8) "When people don't send thank you notes"
Ok, I want to know the etiquette on this one, because my pet peeve, is not knowing whether someone received your thank you note. And are you supposed to send a thank you for the thank you? For instance, I received a thank you gift, do I return with a thank you card? Or is that just redundant. I am thankful, but who knows how many stamps could be wasted on thank you thank you and thank you. 

9) "When you bite into a jelly bean and it's a different flavor than you expected."

10) "People who ask questions during a movie"
Guilty and guilty. I always seem to ask the question right before it gets answered. It makes Chris steam. I can't help it I think out loud. But recently we were in the theater watching a movie and we found ourselves asking each other questions. I felt awkward when I remembered that there were two hundred other people in the theater who probably did not want to hear my whispering ignorance. 

11) "Children's hand prints on the windows of cars"
I noticed this yesterday at a stoplight. I guess it probably is annoying to have to keep wiping cheesy fingerprints off the back window, but what are you going to do. I was thinking maybe I will be the cool mom who gives my kids window markers so that they can draw all over the windows instead of printing their hands.

12) "People who put too much ice in your drink"
I know water costs less than what ever I ordered, but honestly. Chris has beat the system by asking for no ice. But then what if it isn't cold? Did you know that your body can better process what ever you are drinking if it is room temperature. Food for thought. 

What erks you? What are you guilty of? If everyone had the same bothers this world would be boring. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Book


that I'm currently reading: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets I know that I am behind a decade or so, but at least I am finally reading it! It's difficult to get through though because since I love the movies and watch them over and over, I know that it's not super exciting that Harry just got to Hogwarts and the sorting hat put him in Gryffindor, because he has so many adventures to come! I have never read a book after I have seen the movie, and I will say that it's very easy to tell the differences when you view before you read. I did try to read the books when they first came out, but something didn't grab my interest. Granted now I am begging for it to be Harry Potter weekend every weekend. Thanks ABC Family.

that I recently finished: The Longest Ride Nicholas Sparks rocks, hands down. I have read all of the books Sparks has written and I have seen the movies that have been modeled after them. The books are way better. But some of the movies are relevant. The Longest Ride has already been signed on to be a movie and it was released in September. I would highly recommend the book, although it is different from the other books he has written. Nicholas Sparks is able to grab you with his words and encourage you to connect with your loved ones through his words. Good stuff, not just mushy, but meaningful.

that I want for Christmas: A Girl and her Pig April Bloomfield is one of my role models in the chef world. She is a butcher and I really aspire to be more like her. She most recently has appeared on the PBS special The Mind of a Chef.

that I last bought: In the Charcuterie and Ottolenghi Last month I surprised Christopher by buying him these cookbooks (although the Charcuterie was also mainly for me). Chris already has the other cookbook Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi and so this was an addition to a "collection" as Chris likes to say. We still have to buy Plenty by him as well- which will complete that collection. I really enjoy the recipes in his books because they are based around Mediterranean ingredients which I love and it's healthy. Charcuterie attracted me because of the instructional butchering tactics. It's a meat-centric cookbook with vivid images of the butchering. It also has many cold meat terrines and pates- one of which we tried and loved (The chicken liver pate).

What books do you love? 

Return of the Real Girl

Is anyone out there? I wouldn't blame you if you weren't. I hate how my blog posts turn into updates, seems more like a "downer"date because it means that I haven't been writing regularly. This is primarily  because my life has been on the fast track.

I don't like that my writing is put on the side, but when both jobs are consuming your time and energy it's difficult to put time in on my computer especially when I can't even put time into my relationship! This had to stop, and so I realized that the most important thing to me, was not working until I couldn't breathe, but my family, my relationship, and my happiness. I asked my boss to back down my hours, and reminded him that this was a part time job for me. It seems to have worked and I have been able to relax a little bit and enjoy my life, which to me, is more important than money. 

In order to continue my blog I have decided that I need to stick to a schedule that forces me to put time into my writing and encourages me to stay on track everyday. So I have decided to make myself a blog challenge. I have compiled a few lists and come up with some of my own ideas in order to make a 30 day blog challenge. This way I will have something to write about everyday, and hopefully I will tend to my dear blog everyday! If you have any suggestions, or topics you would like me to address please don't hesitate to comment. And if you don't have access to comments because you are not a google member, feel free to contact me at I would like to know if anyone really is out there. 

1. A book
2. Pet Peeves
3. Your opinion on Dating
4. Your education
5. Something you are proud of
6. Something you are thankful for
7. A childhood memory
8. The Weather
9. Somewhere you would like to visit
10. Bullet your day
11. Beauty Products
12. What do you like to watch?
13. People who have had a huge influence on your life
14. What you like to do when you are alone
15. What if?
16. Disney
17. Wedding Dreams
18. Something you really want
19. Your favorite thing to eat
20. Holidays
21. Diets
22. Lessons you've learned
23. A hobby
24. A family history
25. Your blog name
26. A movie
27. Your house
28. A hidden talent
29. A list
30. A recap