Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day of Hearts

So the big day of hearts is coming up, what is every body doing for their loved ones?

I have always been into holidays. I love getting excited about them, decorating, and celebrating even if it is for a small reason. I know a lot of people boycott Valentine's day because it's about love. But it's not just about that mushy gushy stuff, it's about letting those around you know that you appreciate and love them.

My brother has been my longest standing Valentine. He was once a cute, slender boy who was excited to have a big sister as his Valentine. Then he grew up a little and I'm sure now he might be embarrassed to have me as a Valentine. But one year we went out on Valentine's day. We went to a fine Italian restaurant and had a delicious meal over candlelight. It was funny to watch other people on dates, maybe even people we knew, but we just got to share a good meal. Afterwards we went to a movie. It was just nice to have a reason to celebrate.

Every Valentine's day my Father got us a classic heart filled with chocolates. I guess the men are supposed to be the givers on this day. Unlike Sweetest day, October 18th, which is when the women are supposed to shower their favorite men in gifts.

I think the best gift you could give anyone on the 14th is probably flowers. Who wouldn't be cheered by some bright flowers in this cold winter weather? Sure they won't last for ever, but I think flowers is better than a poor attempt with something material that will get forgotten in a box somewhere. See I think it's all about the hype. Girls get hyped up about the holiday, they expect something fantastic, but whatever their man gets them is not what they expected even though they have no idea what would have been better. Well I will tell you. Simple. A nice dinner out, enjoying each other's company. Not a waste of money on a set of fragrant soap or a new bathrobe. I think gifts that involve doing something together are much more sentimental than materials.

So what will I be doing on Valentine's day you ask? Well Chris and I will probably celebrate with a dinner on the thirteenth because that is the day that he has off. I bought him some small sweets that he can gobble up and other treats that he may find useful. The fourteenth I will finish off our packing and when Christopher comes home from work we will head off to my parents house. After a restless night we will all huddle into a van and head to Newark airport, where we will catch the red eye flight to Ireland, and we will spend a week on the peaceful island. Needless to say I am a bit excited. Bet you can't top that!

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