Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fly me to Neverland

Growing up is hard
No one warns you about this 
Some days I want to grow up real fast
Be an adult
But what comes with that?
Today I want to fly off to Neverland
I want to be back at the pool, asking my mom for a dollar to get ice cream
Not a care in the world
Not worried about how to pay for your next meal
Or the bills you need to pay
Not praying your car doesn't break down
Or that you'll win the lottery
No work to keep you busy
Or gas tank to fill
Only worry in the world is homework and hygiene
Baseball in the backyard 
Grass in between your toes
No schedules to work around 
Or lists to make
I aspired to be the President of the United States
Now I aspire to be on time to work 
The tears sprouted from a booboo
Now they brim from stress
Attached at the hip with your best friend, then
Lucky if you see a friend every now and again
Then your favorite meal cost five bucks
Now pizza doesn't cut it 
No one let's you know it's going to be hard
There is no textbook to get you through this course
Trial and error is the way it goes 
When are we finished growing up?
Is anyone ever really grown up?
I'm going to write the textbook when I get there

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