Friday, June 6, 2014

Dinner at my Chef's Table

So luckily I didn't have to work on my birthday but unluckily my boyfriend Christopher did. Unfortunately the life of a chef is not just the 9-5 workday either so I couldn't meet him for dinner because he worked from 10am-11pm. Bummer. So I had kind of a self relaxation day. It was not much of a celebration in the common sense but a celebration of having to do nothing. I think as we grow older, birthdays become less and less important. People make such hype when you are a little whipper snapper but as you age it's just another year. Kind of a bitter sweet aging process. So my birthday was very low key, I received all of the important calls and remembered the young years of my special day. Chris made it home with a wonderful chocolate cake lit with candles and all. And I fell asleep bidding adieu to my 22nd birthday and welcoming my 23rd year.

The following day I had to work a long day with numerous tasks and no lunch break. It's very easy to overlook lunch when you have a list full of prep work that you have to make your way through in order to get home. While you are cooking hard and moving fast, time passes and you realize you haven't eaten anything in hours. Occupational hazard. So I arrived home after not consuming food all day and was met at the door by Christopher. He put a bandana over my eyes and led me to the bathroom. When I removed the blindfold, I saw a dress from my closet with shoes and a towel. I got in the shower and started to get ready, my mind racing as to what could be going on.

After I dolled myself up, I knocked on the bathroom door and was met by my handsome boyfriend in a chef's coat and apron. He led me into our kitchen where he had set up a white table clothed table equipped with cloth napkin and candles. The table was adjacent to our butcher's block where he had a number of prepped items lined up. After pushing in my chair he proceeded to ask if I wanted still or sparkling water setting the tone for the night. What followed was a wonderful 15 course tasting menu which was created with me in mind. It's very hard to put into words how wonderful the evening was. It was not only the nicest thing anyone has ever done with me but it was the best meal I have ever had ever. Chris had gone to the Goodwill and picked out a special unique plate for each course and he must have spent a fortune on all of the wonderful food that he needed in order to prepare the meal. He served me professionally; filling my water glass, offering wine pairings with my meal, changing my silverware between each course. It was phenomenal, unexpected, and the best birthday gift I have ever received. It's all about the experiences we go through not the material things we have or receive. I am such a lucky girl. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

bruschetta quanciale 
sausage and mushroom stuffed calamari

proscuitto wrapped asparagus 
eggplant stuffed with soft boiled egg
raw vegetable salad with arugula and chicory farro
compachi dressed with lemon, olive oil, chive, and chive blossom
veal bolognese
le petite poussin with spring peas, roasted rosemary baby potatoes, chicken jus
vitello tonatto: veal with tuna sauce and artichokes
sottocenere tartufo and quadrille di bufala, quince paste, fresh black mission figs 
"berries and cream"
olive oil cake with macerated strawberries, mascarpone cream, dark chocolate balsamic reduction
buttermilk creme brûlée with kumquat, blueberries cooked and raw
espresso soaked biscotti and chocolate brownies
"last bite" 
pistachio cream topped with fresh apricot served on a handmade wooden spoon which was a gift from the kitchen for dining


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