Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chatting on a Rainy Day

This morning I woke up to rain. Gloomy, soggy, rain. Luckily today was a self study day which meant that I did not have class.
 Christopher, on the other hand, did have class early today so it was a pretty peaceful morning. Although my boyfriend Chris is an introvert, he always has a lot to say when it's just us. People always meet him and wonder how I can spend hours in a car with him. But honestly it is hard to get the guy to be quiet. We often bicker which can be quite fun, but it's most often playful. I can recall one car ride when we were in North Carolina this summer. We ventured to Boone, which is a lovely college town that is pretty hippy-esc. We ate at this place called the Black Cat Burrito which is to this day my favorite Mexican restaurant. Anyway, on the way back to Roaring Gap, we got into conversation, the sun set, and we were winding up this very tall mountain. When I say tall I mean, TALL. So it was dark, we were deep in conversation, and well, we talked all the way to Tennessee. 
We have had many great conversations that stem from being stuck in a car with each other for a long period of time. The other day Chris asked me why woman started shaving their legs. I did some research and found that it all started with the underarms in the early 1900's. Women began wearing short sleeves and the advertising companies started hanging billboards with pictures of women showing their clean shaven armpits. Then the hemlines started going up, and women figured it looked pretty tacky to have hair showing through your stockings. So they started shaving and it all rolled downhill from there. The advertising companies have a lot more power than we think they do. But that's a story for another day.
Today Chris asked me why people spend so much money on clothes if they only wear one outfit everyday. He pointed out that people eat three times a day and spend more money on fashion then good eats. I always end up kicking myself because I will find that my closet is all one color or that I just continuously rotate my four life is good shirts and throw on a pair of jeans. But I end up at the store looking for something to wear that is new and exciting. Christopher will throw me a scolding look wen he finds me in the shoe section of TJMaxx with a new life is good t-shirt. I just find it comical. What is the deal with fashion anyways? I would much rather spend one hundred dollars on a great meal than on one outfit. But then again, when Chris decided to take a once in a lifetime adventure and eat with his friend at Eleven Madison Park for 200 smack-a-roonies, I had to bow out. I may have even said, do you know how much I could buy with two hundred dollars? So, he let me know that if he went to EMP and spent that 200 dollars, he would seal an envelope including the same amount and label it "the dress" so I let him go!
Although we love chatting, he and I both agree that the silences between us are wonderful as well. It's nice to be able to sit juxtapose my best friend and read a book. Although we have little time for reading, with all of the studying we have to do, the silences we share are never awkward. We often can read each other just by body language, which is why we work well together in the kitchen; we don't have to speak. And that's actually how our relationship came to be, but we'll save that story for a rainy day :)
^In Roaring Gap, NC on a rainy day, after slipping and sliding on the golf course 

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