Saturday, April 27, 2013

A cup of joe.

I am LONG over due for a post, and each morning I wake up at 10:30, I am discouraged that I will not have time to write. Here are a few things that I may note if you were to have a quick phone conversation with me, or a cup of joe and a muffin. Now I want a muffin.

Lately I have been getting out of class after midnight. It pretty much drains me. Being in class for ten hours is a lot, but I am really happy with what I am doing. Fabricating meat and fish everyday has increased my speed and made me more familiar with the products. Although I am not a station who takes part in service, it's really cool to hear them call out the orders and think about how I took part in the making of each plate. The cleaning was horrible at first, and now it is just second nature. Because the kitchen is brand new, it has such high standards. We clean for at least three hours every night in order to keep it spic and span.

I am graduating in less than a month, and it is a little scary. Chris has an interview lined up for next weekend. I have not heard back from the place I sent my resume out to. A few things could happen that would decide where I am going to be moving my things in the next few weeks. But it is all a little stressful. The one big thing I am worried about however, is that where ever I end up, I am not going to be able to jump in the lake when it gets hot. There is no place like home.

I am a little home sick. It may be because my family is vacationing in Florida next week and I wish that I was going with them. But it has been about 6 weeks since I was last home. My dad has already started to mow lawns, and baseball season has started for my brother. Meanwhile my sister is a horse superstar and is training for the International Games competition which will take place this summer. My mother tells me that she wakes up at six every morning to ride her horse before school. I know I never had such motivation. I'm pretty proud of her. And of course, I miss my mom, but let's not make this a tear fest.

The weather is making me very happy.  Although apparently the sun keeps waking me earlier each morning, which I guess is a good thing. I love being outdoors and luckily the warmest days this week are supposed to be Sunday and Monday (the two days I have off). It's very difficult to be indoors cooking and see the sun shining through the windows begging me to come outside. But this is life.

I am currently hooked on the show Lost. Many people have different views on the show, but Chris has got me hooked. I just finished the first season on netflix and I am eager to continue. When do I find the time to watch tv with all of this life going on? Well when I come home at night and need to wind down and fall asleep, I try to by watching Lost. Which is the worst idea ever because the show is such a mystery, that I end up going to bed with a million and two thoughts running through my head.

Recently I have fallen to the Cheez-its trend. Never before have I understood why people eat these small cheese crackers. But the trick is to find which flavor suits you. Seriously, when you go to the grocery store, there is a section solely dedicated to Cheez-its because there are so many flavors. My favorite obsession is the "Du-oz" box. "two flavors-one box" Brilliant as far as I am concerned. The smoked cheddar and the monterey jack complement each other just enough that the contrast works. I am sure that each time I pop one color into my mouth, the other shade is right beside it. The only concern that I have is that the ratio is completely skewed. Unless Chris is secretly chomping down on all of the smoked cheddar crackers, when I get to the bottom of the box, there are at least thirty monterey jack squares without the smoked cheddar cracker to go along with it. Now I make it sound like I eat box after box (which is far from the truth), but over the past month and two boxes, I have taken note of this. I am about to write a complaint to the company, telling them that people really do notice- or at least I do.

The rollerblading thing is going so well. Last weekend, Chris did a little research and round the "rail trail" or that they had paved over where the railroad used to be. They are still working on the construction, but we bladed over both parts that have been paved, resulting in eight miles over a span of two days. We can feel our legs strengthening. It's a great way to get some fresh air and exercise at the same time.

Everyone always asks what the plans are for the weekend. Not many plans these days, relax mainly. The drive in movie theater opened yesterday so a few of us were talking about going. Luckily I have been multi taking this morning and have four loads of laundry in. This way tomorrow morning Chris and I will not have trouble finding something to wear, and we will not have to spend our weekend doing laundry. (It's a pretty big deal when you do not have the luxury of your own washer, and have to wait on other people's laundry to finish in order to rush to the laundry room in hopes that someone else has not stolen your spot.) We will definitely however, spend a lot of time outside that's for sure.

Well, it looks as though my cup is empty. And one and a half blueberry muffins later...

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