Monday, May 27, 2013

ABC 123 Baby you and me

I know I have really neglected my writing post lately, and I appreciate all of my supporters out there, I am sorry if the last few weeks have been disappointing.

Long story short:

1) Our background check went through, and we were approved for the apartment that we applied for, we are moving in June 1st- that's four days!

2) We graduated. Holy cow. It was surreal, and still is that we graduated and are no longer college students. It hit me hard the day after graduation at 3pm. I found myself super hungry, and realized that I had to make my own sandwich. Because of the meal plan at school, I have not had to make my lunch in a very long time and so when I finally realized that I hadn't eaten because it wasn't as easy as swiping my meal card and downing my usual tuna sandwich, it was nearly time for dinner! I miss a lot of friends already. Some of them will be returning to the school to continue on to the bachelor's program, so maybe Chris and I will head downstate in the future to visit them. We also survived the weekend. It's a little crazy that we were in class until midnight the night before we graduated (at 9:30am). But everything aside, I made it through the weekend, and even more impressive-Chris did. He had family hailing from Michigan and Florida and they all made it to dinner where we were able to serve his mother's family, his father's family, and my own (which was a treat). I left soon after the graduation and Chris stayed to be ping pong-ed between his families, and I am happy to say, that even though he wore his graduation outfit for over 24 hours, he made it out alive.

3) Did I mention four days?! Yeah Insane. I'm sure many of you have moved in your lifetime so you know where I am coming from but this is my first real move. We moved from Newark, NJ to Upstate New York when I was very young so I don't exactly remember that. We have since moved to three different houses in the area, all of which I was not responsible enough to have to pack more than two boxes. Well let me tell you, this is hard work. I first had to pack up all of my belongings from my dorm room and combine them with all the packing that is going on here in my room at home. I have to give myself a little credit, I have a ton packed. I worked really hard in order to throw out unneeded items, and of course give away clothes that no longer fit me. (I would "hand them down" to my sister, but it doesn't really work when you have to hand them up because she is taller than you.) Anyway, so I have been packing items, labeling them and stacking those items that are ready to load into the car in my mother's living room. Now she has not made any comment about how our living room is overflowing yet, but it might be coming soon. It's a bit crazy going through all of my things from my childhood that I felt important to save. I think for my parents it's a little saddening. Their little girl is moving up and out. While they find it exciting as well, I catch a tone in my dad's voice when he questions "you're going to be here for your birthday, where else would you be?" "Well Dad, I am moving before my birthday" (which is in one week by the way). "Ohhh" he sighs, like he forgot. Anyway, the plan is to have 98% of everything packed by Wednesday when Chris returns from Michigan with his "new to him" car. Then we will sign the lease Thursday, work Friday, and Move in Saturday. Phew. It's going to be a lot in not so lot of time. Keep us in your prayers!

I will give you a sneak peak title of tomorrow's blog post "Shopping for Free". Stay tuned

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