Tuesday, May 14, 2013

High Hopes

9:28- Late start, we wanted to be on the road by ten...

9:34- Tricia in shower.

9:45- Tricia out of the shower.

9:49- Chris in the shower.

10:08- Call from unknown number. Turns out it was the New York Wine and Culinary Center who received my resume a month ago, and want an impromptu interview while I am conveniently in Rochester. 

10:10- Change of outfits begins. Urging Christopher to get out of the shower so that he can shave. No response. 

10:35- Finally out of the driveway, Christopher in passengers seat making call to Wegman's Next Door Bar and Grill, left message. Set up appointment to view second apartment.

10:57- Incoming call from Wegman's. Officially offered Chris the job. Our day is off to a good start. 

11:00- Stop for gas. We paid $3.36 per gallon. The perks of living near an Indian reservation. Chinese fire drill. 

11:45- Call to K2 catering company. Will meet up around 12:15pm at property. 

12:08- Pull into K2 catering, knock on back door alone. Lovely young woman answers. Invites Chris to come in as well.  Meet with Chef and tour the newly remodeled catering headquarters. Start up business. Smells of fresh paint. Enthusiastic about farm to table. New and exciting. Exchanged dates of big events. No constant work, sporadic. 

12:45- Left K2, pulled onto Cedarwood Terrace for our first appointment. Unsure from the outside. Spoke excitedly about the day and our hopes.

1:03- Agent arrived and we were escorted into the downstairs apartment. Bigger than we expected. Sun room, living room, dining room. Lots of natural lighting. Hard wood floors. Old house. Wonderful window treatments. Freshly painted. Large kitchen. Gas stove. Old fashioned sink. Two same sized bedrooms. Washer and Dryer in closet. Large claw foot bath tub. Internet and Cable included. So. Exciting. 

1:34- Shook hands and took an application. Excitedly hopped in the car. Chatted about how much we love the place.

1:46- Found a neat pizza place. Gorged on unique slices before our next meeting. 

2:00- Parked for our apartment showing. Apartment complex. Flight of Stairs. Hard wood floors. Small bedrooms. Large open kitchen. Attic space. Almost "too big" in Chris's words. We mentioned we would get back to the owner. 

2:25- Walked to car, discussing how much we loved the first apartment. 

2:35- Pulled into the Pittsford Wegman's parking lot. Huge store. Lots of Chef's coats. Bought an artsy DIY magazine.

3:00- Departed Pittsford, headed towards Canandaigua. 

3:35- Entered New York Wine and Culinary Center Parking lot. Watched eight people in Chef's coats exit building. Sat and looked at the outside of the center. 

3:50- Entered building, sat and waited for the Food & Beverage Director. 

4:05- Started interview. Position available assisting Chef with teaching classes. Exciting Opportunities. Took the tour. Beautiful center. Should hear back within the week. 

4:45- Met up with Chris at the car. He explained that he read everything in the car with words on it, including but not limited to; DIY magazine, Finger lakes brochures, lyrics to 2 Mumford and Son's cds, the nutrition facts on a Subway napkin. 

4:50- Headed East. 

6:12- Arrived in the 607 safe and sound. 

Overall we had a really successful day. Lots of steps in the right direction. Many opportunities. Sending in the housing application. It's the right place for us, and we are so excited. When you know, you know...right? Lots of smiles here. Keep us in your thoughts. Night for now. 

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