Monday, June 10, 2013



So June first has come and gone, and I know that a bunch of people were disappointed that I did not have a post right away, or even just a few days later. Apparently when you move into an apartment, you do not have internet. Insane really, but our internet is not going to be installed until Monday. It has been a struggle, but Chris and I have been managing with my smart phone, although I’m not quite sure how. Yesterday, it was on overload and just froze because of the number of places we have needed directions to etcetera. But back to the beginning. 

We woke up Saturday morning roaring to go. Both Chris’ new to him blue neon and my red volvo were packed to the brim and so we only had to pack the furniture into the back of my mom’s horse trailer. After loading the beds, dressers, chairs, and chests into the trailer, my mom got on her way to meet us later on at the restaurant to continue loading the treasures that we found there. I showered and reached for the last of my belongings, looking out at an empty room. Chris said something and I jumped, the room echoed with his words. I addressed my dog Pheobe; she is the third family dog that was deemed mine. As she handed me her paw to shake hands, a trick I taught her, I started to tear up. We traveled into King Ferry to have our last fish fry. My dad made us the fish sandwiches, and I looked to Chris and said “Now, I do not know when or what we will be eating next, so enjoy this.” And we did, it was the best fish sandwich I have had. I’m not saying that my parents restaurant makes the best fried fish in the world, but I will admit that I enjoy it best. Any other restaurant I have been to has undergone the trend of beer battering and they neglect how wonderful homemade breaded fish fry really is. Back to business, I hugged my father goodbye, and he mentioned an upcoming event he was pulling together for my birthday. My mom, who would be following shortly behind us, looked us in the eyes and asked, “Are you two ready for this?” We smiled in unison. I think Chris and I have both been eager for the move, I mean it’s the next step in our relationship, it’s the next chapter of our life- of course we were ready!
We caravanned out of farm country and into the suburbs. As we pulled to the side of the road, approaching our new home, the butterflies started! We unpacked the numerous bins from our trunks and my mother pulled down the side street with the trailer. We made pretty good time. With three people, two of which were strong enough to lift heavy (the majority) of the items (I was not one of those two people), we pretty much unloaded all of the heavy duty furniture in good time. Then my mom helped us put a few things together and she was off. She did not want to stick around because she knew she would get caught in the middle of something we needed to do on our own- arrange our new home. 

And we dug right in. I took over the kitchen because I felt like while the kitchen is crucial it would also be easy- so win, win. Chris took on the living room and book case- which was generously donated by my older half-sister Melissa. (Thank goodness, because we have way too many books to not have a book case.)  We set a deadline at 7:30 for ourselves, but 7:30 came and went, 8:45 came around, and I forced myself to stop the progress. I knew that if we didn’t stop now, we could continue working until it was all done, and I was getting hungry. We put in the address of the closest Walmart and we were on our way. Well turns out we went the wrong way. Stopping at a

Family Dollar, at nine o clock at night, on the wrong side of town was probably our first mistake. But as we left, bags in hand, Chris turned over his shoulder and mumbled, “Ok first thing on the list- find a new dollar store.” We continued on to Walmart, which we did not realize was closer to the center of the city, and got out in the pouring rain. As we surveyed each aisle, we looked for the best deals and noted what we would immediately need in the apartment. The clientele of the Walmart was not at their prime, and we glanced at each other realizing we might want to go another direction tomorrow. Chris also explained to me that at ten o clock at night, Walmart is not the prime spot to be.
We traveled to the other side of town where a late night pizzeria’s open sign tempted us in. We ordered a pie with hot peppers and mushrooms. At home we enjoyed our dinner at our new dining room table. It was good to be home. 

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