Tuesday, June 11, 2013

seven current obsessions

#7: Edible Magazine.
 I am a strong supporter of local> Local farms, local stores, local artists, and local writers. Christopher bought me Edible Finger lakes magazine a few months back at the grocery store to hold my attention for a while. I was very intrigued, with every page turn is a endorsement for a "ma and pop" type tavern, a farmer's market secret along the lake, or an unknown winery just ten miles from you. Right before we left school, we picked up a free copy of Edible Hudson Valley, and proceeded to buy the Edible book about all of the places the magazine covers. The most recent copy of Edible Finger Lakes, has inspired me to write an article and send it in to the magazine in hopes that they enjoy my writing. 

#6: Sharp Cheddar Cheese and Apples
This is my favorite snack to date. At one time it was pita chips and humus, another tortilla chips and salsa, sometimes it's Cheez-its, but right now my favorite thing to munch on is a nice slice of extra sharp cheddar with a matching bite of apple. Chris and I have searched high and low for the best sharp or extra sharp cheddar cheese but the results have been inconclusive. It seems that each cheese we try is better than the next, and leaves the prior cheese in the dust. The best apple that we have found to go with the cheese is honeycrisp. The sweetness of this fruit contrasts the keen punch of this curd. We bought a seven year cheddar from The Little Bleu Cheese Shop which is a marketplace that sells cheese that is made in the Finger lakes. It was wonderful cheese, but a little too sharp for my tastes. They also had a two year cheddar which I will be sure to go back and try. I have found that the grocery store Cabot sharp cheddar, or HeluvaGood cheddar is perfectly wonderful aside those apples. Next on my list to try is Cabot Reserve Extra Sharp. 

#5: My new bathtub
One of the worst parts about school was the lack of bathtub. One of the main characteristics I was looking for when we were apartment hunting was a bathtub. I am so happy that we have a wonderful tub that I am able to soak in after my muscles are sore. 

#4: The Library
I just finished a book I have been working on for a while by Ruth Reichl: Garlic and Saphires. It was wonderful. Luckily I am now a member of the Monroe County Library! Chris and I visited two of the five libraries in our county and I piled up book after book until Chris pulled me to the checkout. We checked out a few movies and the books I collected were all either by Ruth Reichl or on butchering or writing. I have three weeks until I have to return everything, but there is always the chance to renew them. But for now, let's see how much reading I can do within the next three weeks.  The best part about the library is, it's free!

#3 Chris' mixed Drinks
One of the advantages of not drinking soda has been the challenge we have had to face to replace it. Recently we have been buying ingredients to make our own spritzers which really has been my favorite. I do not even crave soda anymore. And the weight we are dropping is a noticeable benefit. Each time Chris creates a spritzer it is different, but our key ingredients include: orange juice, cranberry juice, lemonade, limeade, club soda, and seltzer water. No alcohol, just fun, tasty beverages. 

#2 Weddings
This past weekend I worked a catering job for a wedding over in the Sonnenberg Gardens.  The mansion on the estate was built in 1887 and the gardens are a piece of particular beauty. It rained on Saturday which was a shame, but still a spectacular view. Before I started working with the food, I ran to the bathroom and ran into the bride in my whites. She was overwhelmed with a multitude of thoughts running through her head and didn't notice me. Before I left, I told her that she looked absolutely beautiful. She stopped for a second, looked at me and thanked me very sincerely. The hors d'oeuvres were so cute and the entree was served family style. I liked the idea, it made it rustic, but the presentation wasn't my style. After the entree was served, we wrapped up, because of course there was a wedding cake. I think for my wedding we will ditch the cake. Maybe a small cake to cut, with cute figurines on the top, to feed each other, and save some for our first year anniversairy. But the cake will not be for the guests. We will have other treats for dessert. After Chris gifted me The Knot for Christmas, I have bought two other editions since. I keep wondering when he will give me the okay to start the blue binder of ideas. I know, I know I'm getting ahead of myself here. 

#1 a Vacuum cleaner
After tracking down a cute butter dish, collecting a paper towel holder, picking up our shower curtain, and seeking out those perfect coasters, I have decided it's finally time to buy the vacuum. While we were in the Bocuse restaurant, I had the chance to use the vacuum that they had for the dining room floor. I fell in love with the way it turned and sucked in even the toughest corners. That vacuum was called the Hoover Presto. We did a little research and looked at the pros and cons of the Presto, and found a similar vacuum- the Electrolux Ergorapido. They are about the same product at similar prices, it is just a matter of taste. We have not been out to buy the vacuum yet, because I think we are putting it off until we are just forced to spend the money. But I need a vacuum! And hopefully I will have one by the end of the week. 

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