Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Glimpse of Spring

Spring is really trying hard. Today it's a wonderful 52 degrees: no need for a coat. It's incredible how much everyones mood changes just because of the sun's rays. When normally people are so cranky and inconsiderate, today at the gas station someone asked if I was the next car in line- they were able to do this because there window was down and so was mine!  At the grocery store, I took a pull through spot only to find another car waiting to go  into the spot from the other side. Instead of cursing me out, he waved me through and took a spot a little farther from the front entrance, probably because he didn't mind walking in the sunshine! The weather effects and affects people more than they realize.

Chris brought home these daffodils yesterday and they had not opened yet. The tag said to just add water and they will guarantee a smile and a hint of springtime.
 I seriously do not ever remember a winter this bad, but a few factors may attribute to this. I think in this day in age where 58% of people have a smart phone; people are more aware of the temperature than they have been in the past. People would complain about the cold, but unless they wanted to freeze their buns off to go and look at the thermometer outside, they just stuck with the word cold instead of subzero, freezing, or record low. When I was young, I would have to go outside in order to determine what would be appropriate to wear that day. Now, the first thing I do in the morning is look at the temperature. "Oh I guess today I will wear three layers" or "I hope my wool socks are clean" not very often do you hear, "Short sleeves!" What are short sleeves? I don't even remember.

My cousin parading her practically new snow suit. 

Seasonal Affective Disorder is really sad (but really, it's acronym is SAD). It has been estimated to affect about 10 million Americans and a mild case of seasonal depression is estimated to affect 10-20% of other Americans. This year, I don't know anyone who wasn't affected. Winter brought out the worst in people this year. I found myself hibernating some days, waiting for the sun to prevail with no such luck. I had no way to release my energy, and so like most children whose parents wouldn't let them face the frigid temperatures- I became antsy and found myself thinking way too much. I visited my aunt and cousins a week ago and she expressed her grief of the toll the weather has taken on herself and two young girls. "Why did we buy new snow suits, if they only had a chance to wear them twice!? The new boots we bought this year won't fit next season."  I am all for playing in the snow, but not when the temperatures are 5 degrees- real feel -11. It's actually insane. My landlord who lives upstairs has two dogs that drive me nuts! They are meant to roam and run around in the outdoors, not sound like they are coming through the ceiling. But they will freeze! One morning I had to call animal control because the dog next door had been barking for a solid hour in negative temperatures.

And we can't catch a break. Tomorrow there is a "SEVERE WEATHER ALERT: 100% chance of precipitation. Winter Storm Warning in effect tomorrow. Hazards- heavy snow and blowing snow. Storm total accumulations of 12 to 20 inches." Seriously?  Good thing I filled up my tan today in the sunshine versus tomorrow in a snow storm. I am sure that everyone is hoping that the temperature won't drop low enough to accumulate that much snow, but I wouldn't put it passed Mother Nature, she seems to be on quite the tirade this year. I guess we can just dream of summer. I hope this weather won't affect the vegetation too badly. I hate when the trees don't change colors in the fall because it gets too cold, too fast. But what about the vegetables? Will the spring growing season be prolonged?

Usually I am wearing dresses at this time of year, but alas my legs seem to have permanent goose bumps. I am ready to throw out all of my winter clothes and replace them with some lighter apparel, but I guess spring cleaning cannot commence until spring actually comes to stay.

Last year this time I was soaking up the sun.

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