Thursday, March 20, 2014

Equinox Talks

I have officially decided that I cannot wait for spring. So I am bringing Spring in.

Today I started working on my bikini body. I know I know probably should've not packed on those winter warmth pounds at all, but I will not get back in a bikini until I feel fit. You will have to settle for the dreaded tankini... I went for a run. Wha whattt? Ok maybe a jog. I bundled up, hat, gloves, loads of layers and was off. You know that feeling in your lungs when the cold air just completely takes over. Yeah I got that. The way I see it, doing something is better than nothing. So I am on the right track.

I rid my drawers of bulky winter sweaters. I am going to wear spring clothes, maybe all Mother Nature needs is a little encouragement. She probably won't tell the difference between my sheet white legs and the slightly tanned stockings I wear under that skirt right?

I am currently obsessed with nail polish. Let me tell you as a chef, you can't wear nail polish. No one wants a bright red flake of polish in their mushroom risotto! So I have lived a life where my toes have been spoiled. Pedicures all don't cook with your feet. So might as well take advantage of the days I am not spending in the kitchen by brushing my nails with spring pastel colors! First I tried 'mint sorbet' oolala then I moved onto 'lacey lilac' and today I am getting into some 'mellow yellow'. It brings a bit of spring which doesn't seem to be out there naturally today.

Here are some of the reasons that I can't wait for spring:
1. SUNLIGHT. Shoot I need some Vitamin D. I have become an early to bed girl for the winter months, but now there is reason to stay outdoors longer because of the light!2. Sun dresses. I have way more spring clothes than winter clothes.
3. COLOR. no, I can't say I get a lot of 'tanned' skin. I am talking about color in my wardrobe.
4. Freckles. Maybe I don't get that warm brown skin, but I am looking forward to some freckles peeking out.
5. Sun roof. 'Nuff said
6. Work! When May 1st hits, I will have a steady full time job like a normal person! And I can't tell you how ready I am to be working every single day! Let the busy season commence (I may regret this later)
7. Flower shoots. I just today saw a few green shoots breaking their way through the ice cold ground. I want to witness that change from brown to green!
8. The Public Market. If you haven't been informed- Rochester NY has a wonderful farmers market with WONDERFUL prices and farm fresh ingredients. I have spent too much time in the grocery store and I can't wait to shop outside again!
9. Farm Days! I am sick of root vegetables, bring on spring! The farm will not start until June, but spring means the vegetables have a chance to grow.
10. Yard sales. I mean come on.
11. Outdoor. Everyone needs a lot more fresh air then we get in the winter time. So I am psyched.
12. A change. Chris and I will be moving mid May, and I can't wait for a change. As much as we love our first place together. We are ready downsize and start a new adventure.
13. No more bulky coats! Goodness.
14. Food trucks.
15. Free concerts in the park. Sitting on the lawn. Enjoying the grass between your toes and the breeze in your hair.

Ok Spring, Here is your encouragement. Whenever you are ready.

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