Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Housewife

I perceive the housewife figure;
A slender woman in an apron
A baby on her hip
The sweet scent of fresh berry pie wafting through the air
A strict crease in the folded shirts in the dresser
The slight shine of oil on the dining room table

The reality:

A pile of hair, a falling mess from her head
Shirts, Shorts, spilling from the hamper
Loud pangs from the fire alarm as a batch of Cookies burn
Children running through the sprinkler stark naked

And yet, I love both. I want to be both.  Maybe the second even more than the first. But I think the actuality is that the two perceptions are intermingled. 

Four little hands stuck in a bowl of dough laced with chocolate chips
Laughter wringing through house
Loud barks of a dog who wants attention
An apron hanging around her glistening neck
Disarray from the laundry room, this is why we have doors
Toys strewn through the yard 
The sprinkler left on after a muddy afternoon
A tired, messy, happy family gorging over a summer feast

Okay, so can you tell I am dreaming of summer? I want the mess I want the happy family. I often struggle with the fact that everything is not perfect. There are dishes in the sink, there are clean clothes that haven't been put away, I should vacuum. But at what cost will everything be perfect? Time and Energy. Happy or perfect? Well I think that even though it's incredibly difficult to realize that nothing will ever be perfect no matter how hard you try, that's the only way to be happy. So it's unfortunate when the perfectionist in us takes over the potential for a stress free life. We only have one life to live, let's enjoy it instead of worry through it. 

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