Saturday, November 23, 2013

Return of the Real Girl

Is anyone out there? I wouldn't blame you if you weren't. I hate how my blog posts turn into updates, seems more like a "downer"date because it means that I haven't been writing regularly. This is primarily  because my life has been on the fast track.

I don't like that my writing is put on the side, but when both jobs are consuming your time and energy it's difficult to put time in on my computer especially when I can't even put time into my relationship! This had to stop, and so I realized that the most important thing to me, was not working until I couldn't breathe, but my family, my relationship, and my happiness. I asked my boss to back down my hours, and reminded him that this was a part time job for me. It seems to have worked and I have been able to relax a little bit and enjoy my life, which to me, is more important than money. 

In order to continue my blog I have decided that I need to stick to a schedule that forces me to put time into my writing and encourages me to stay on track everyday. So I have decided to make myself a blog challenge. I have compiled a few lists and come up with some of my own ideas in order to make a 30 day blog challenge. This way I will have something to write about everyday, and hopefully I will tend to my dear blog everyday! If you have any suggestions, or topics you would like me to address please don't hesitate to comment. And if you don't have access to comments because you are not a google member, feel free to contact me at I would like to know if anyone really is out there. 

1. A book
2. Pet Peeves
3. Your opinion on Dating
4. Your education
5. Something you are proud of
6. Something you are thankful for
7. A childhood memory
8. The Weather
9. Somewhere you would like to visit
10. Bullet your day
11. Beauty Products
12. What do you like to watch?
13. People who have had a huge influence on your life
14. What you like to do when you are alone
15. What if?
16. Disney
17. Wedding Dreams
18. Something you really want
19. Your favorite thing to eat
20. Holidays
21. Diets
22. Lessons you've learned
23. A hobby
24. A family history
25. Your blog name
26. A movie
27. Your house
28. A hidden talent
29. A list
30. A recap

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