Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Book


that I'm currently reading: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets I know that I am behind a decade or so, but at least I am finally reading it! It's difficult to get through though because since I love the movies and watch them over and over, I know that it's not super exciting that Harry just got to Hogwarts and the sorting hat put him in Gryffindor, because he has so many adventures to come! I have never read a book after I have seen the movie, and I will say that it's very easy to tell the differences when you view before you read. I did try to read the books when they first came out, but something didn't grab my interest. Granted now I am begging for it to be Harry Potter weekend every weekend. Thanks ABC Family.

that I recently finished: The Longest Ride Nicholas Sparks rocks, hands down. I have read all of the books Sparks has written and I have seen the movies that have been modeled after them. The books are way better. But some of the movies are relevant. The Longest Ride has already been signed on to be a movie and it was released in September. I would highly recommend the book, although it is different from the other books he has written. Nicholas Sparks is able to grab you with his words and encourage you to connect with your loved ones through his words. Good stuff, not just mushy, but meaningful.

that I want for Christmas: A Girl and her Pig April Bloomfield is one of my role models in the chef world. She is a butcher and I really aspire to be more like her. She most recently has appeared on the PBS special The Mind of a Chef.

that I last bought: In the Charcuterie and Ottolenghi Last month I surprised Christopher by buying him these cookbooks (although the Charcuterie was also mainly for me). Chris already has the other cookbook Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi and so this was an addition to a "collection" as Chris likes to say. We still have to buy Plenty by him as well- which will complete that collection. I really enjoy the recipes in his books because they are based around Mediterranean ingredients which I love and it's healthy. Charcuterie attracted me because of the instructional butchering tactics. It's a meat-centric cookbook with vivid images of the butchering. It also has many cold meat terrines and pates- one of which we tried and loved (The chicken liver pate).

What books do you love? 

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