Saturday, November 30, 2013

Weather or Not

I like all weather, in moderation. Right now I am praying that we don't get a lot more snow because I will get my snow tires on in a week and I have to make it until then.
Rochester weather is, unfortunate. I think that the weather is the same other places, but it just stinks when the weather is bad in a city. The roads are yuck and the traffic sucks. When it's pouring, everyones rushing around and the lights (especially in the dark) send beams everywhere. When there is snow, the main roads and highways aren't too bad, but the people who have to park on the street- AKA ME- do not have it very great. The city plows every other side of the street in accordance to the every other street parking signs. The problem is that unless your car is out of the way when the plow comes through, you have A) been "plowed in" with the snow that has been pushed up against your car, and B) make it so that there are less plowed spots on the streets for others to park. Luckily we have not run into A yet, but the plow came twenty minutes before you had to move your car yesterday and we watched as a guy ran out to his car just as the plow was maneuvering around his car. I guess since I grew up in the country, there is less chance of you ending up in a field somewhere and more of a chance that the roads are plowed. However, at least in the country you know four burly men who each have a heavy duty truck that can help you get out of that ditch. Here you just have to hope that your car doesn't slide on the ice so that you don't cause a major accident because you will. This morning when I woke up it was 7 degrees out. That's really cold. Now the temperature has risen to 25, and I am happy with that. The problem is that our first snow here was a very wet snow, and caused a lot of slush. Then the temperature dropped and it all froze. We have tried to shovel but it's impossible because of the ice. I was thinking smart and got some salt at the store yesterday, however we have now been scolded by the landlord because apparently the salt ruins the porch and he has special salt that won't. It's probably Kosher. Honestly I think that slipping and breaking something would be worse than ruining the porch, but you could say I am a little bitter. In general it's just cold and I enjoy the snowman making and fort creating but it's not like that here. Not enough snow on my little front lawn to make a big snowman and have the ground still be pretty and white. I am sure it would turn a distinct green brown and look unpleasant. We are thinking of getting our Christmas tree tomorrow, depending on the weather. Everyone keeps saying it's too early and maybe it is, but it will be December first, and our house is cold enough to keep it fresh. (We don't like to crank the heat, I know unheard of.)  Anyway we are dealing with the weather. It's not even bad yet. I just don't like driving in the wintery weather, I am a nervous driver without the snow. But we trudge on. I put a few different places in my weather update on my phone so that I can see that in Barrow, Alaska- the most northern city in the USA- is -2 degrees. And to counter that, it's 66 degrees in wonderful Hilo, Hawaii (the city farther souther in the United States).  I like to keep my life in perspective you know. Where ever you are I hope that the weather is in your favor.

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