Monday, November 25, 2013

Dating Decade Dilemma

My thoughts on dating are old fashioned. I often wish that I had grown up in a different time period, I think I may have fit in a little better. Dating back in the day seems to be a lot more straight forward. Dates were more common. It was not a huge deal for a boy to ask a girl he thought was suitable out. Although I cannot attest completely because I am not an old fashioned boy. A female could be asked out on dates by a few different men and this was not a huge deal, this was also called "courting". You could date all that you wanted, as long as you were not spoken for. If you went on several dates with the same individual, then maybe you would start "going steady" which is what people refer to as "dating" today. 

Pros of Old Fashioned Dating

People could get to know each other before they were labeled an item.

The physicality of the relationship went slower. 

Both parties were less embarrassed to actually go out on a date.

No double standards regarding girls seeing more than one guy or vise versa. 

More dates! How often do you actually get to go out on a date with your significant other?

Chivalry. Enough said, the men had to compete, so they were much more like gentlemen than this honking the horn from the driveway to pick you up business. 


No technology! Amazing honestly. No "tone" over a text message, no break ups over the phone, etc. They had to actually communicate back then. 

One night stands were seldom. 


It cost less money. (I guess that's probably due to inflation, but hey it's still a positive).

THE OUTFITS- I mean really people.

Double dates were way more popular. 


They showed these educational videos in school! 

I guess I just fantasize about what it would've been like to grow up in a different era. I think that I would've loved to be "wooed" by Christopher. But either way I am happy with him. And I should write a disclaimer saying that none of the above mentioned tidbits are targeted towards Christopher. We have had a quite old fashioned courtship and not once did he honk at me from the driveway. 

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