Sunday, December 1, 2013

Where I travel in my dreams

I would love to travel, and in years to come I will. My first stop would be the Mediterranean in general. I cannot pinpoint one place because I want to see it all. I love the food in this region and I love the beauty of the landscape.

One of the first places I would go to would be Greece. Maybe it's because when I was a young teenager, Lena from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants falls in love not only with a handsome Greek boy, but the land; its beautiful there. I think about how civilization also kicked off in Greece. It would be neat to stare up at Mount Olympus and to visit the fresh markets along the coastline.

Right across the Aegean sea I woud visit Abruzzo, Italy. Christopher's family is from this northern most part of southern Italy. Right next door is Rome, I would marvel over all of the ancient structures and statues in the city. And I am sure Vatican city is beautiful. The language is so romantic, but not just the language, the ambience. Why isn't it like that here? Back to business.. the food, oh the food. Delicious. Just mouth watering.  Julia is my hero.
I wouldn't mind stopping in Spain to have some of the world's largest paella. One of my best friends spent a year in Spain and had wonderful stories.  Not only of the food but of the culture and how colorful everything is. I often dream of Spain specifically in colors. Did you know that in the town of Bunol, there is an annual tomato fight. Serious. That would probably be the most fun ever. It's a tradition!

My brain is pretty scattered today but that's very common. I want to submerge myself in the culture of another land in my travels. I think that is very important when you visit anywhere new. But as you can see there is a reoccurring theme among my travels: food. I guess it's good that I went to school to eat...I mean cook. Honestly, as much as I love cooking, I love eating more. Is that so bad? I dream of traveling places to eat. I recreate foreign meals and they take me to places not stamped on my passport. But one day they will be, and I may even smudge a little of the tomato sauce on the corner of the Italy page, just to remind me.

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