Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dreams of a Big Day

First I would like to take a moment to say that I am very excited for my wedding someday.
I am in no rush, BUT I am very excited and I enjoy thinking and dreaming.

Second, when I get engaged, I will for a second be that excited girl who wants to tell everyone and show everyone her ring, but after that second I promise to not flaunt my ring in every photo because I will remember what it feels like to be the girl who is sitting there without a ring moping because some perfect girl has a perfect world.

Third, although I am not getting married, I have found that helping other people plan their weddings is an outlet. I enjoy so much helping other people with the details that you could say that it's part of my job now. You all know that I have been working with a caterer and enjoying it a lot. And this past September I helped with the decor side of a wedding that took place at my parents beautiful bed and breakfast. It was neat to be on the planning side instead of the food side, but I realized that I did not like an outside caterer preparing the food because their quality standards may not align with my own. So I have taken on the whole shebang for a wedding next September and I am very excited. This couple lives in Brazil and so they were looking for someone who would take care of all of the details for them so that they could show up, and enjoy themselves. So I have my work cut out for me. I am figuring out flowers and getting in touch with photographers, developing menus and piecing together the budget. I am very excited to build my staff and execute the event. As the time gets closer my plate is more likely to be filled but right now I am just figuring out the logistics and trying to find my way. I feel confident that by the end of the event, I will be in tears because everything went so well. I often think that this is the right kind of job for me because I am such a planner anyways, but then add to that making people's big day even more special than it already is.

 These are some pictures from the wedding reception that I planned this past fall. 

Anyway, my visions are as follows, one day.

Dreams of Rings:

Dreams of dresses:

Dreams of Flowers:

 Dreams of Shoes:

 Dreams of the rest:

Some Day.

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