Monday, December 16, 2013

Tips from Tricia

1. Always use a timer when multitasking in the kitchen especially with but not limited to: croutons, cookies, and bacon.

2. It's not all about the money. Ever. Often you can find fun things to do that do not cost a fortune and homemade gifts are the bomb. Also, it's the thought that counts, always.

3. Make sure that you check that all of the little bulbs light up before you string four sets of lights up only to find that they do not work, or match up.

4. Riesling from Germany is always wonderful.

5. If you are missing your socks, they are probably bundled up at the bottom of your bed in between the sheets, still there from when you took them off in the middle of the night.

6. Snow tires make a huge difference.

7. Working without talking is way more efficient.

8. Being practical is not boring but be sure to leave room for impracticabilities.

9. You are better off folding the clothes directly out of the dryer, this way there are less wrinkles and they are more likely to get folded.

10. Teamwork is the way to complete chores, and spite doesn't hurt.

11.  If you find the perfect pair of jeans, buy three pairs, in different shades of course.

12. Not always the more the merrier. In fact smaller parties are more intimate and better connections are made.

13. One best friend is better than six close friends and better than twenty friends.

14. Thin mints are still good every single year.

15. Always have the biggest stocking at Christmas.

16. Sharpen your knives often. Cutting yourself with a dull knife is worse than with a sharp one.

17. Slippers are very important.

18. Netflix is worth the money.

19. Save your returnables but accumulate a large pile before you take them back to the store, or else you will be frustrated with the amount of time you spent that did not accumulate a lot of money.

20. Take lots of pictures, but enjoying the moments are more important than capturing them.

21. Although it may feel like it always happens to you, I guess it happens to everyone.

22. Making the VOA/Salvation Army/Goodwill one of your go to shopping spots is not a bad idea.

23. Hot water bottles are underrated and are wonderful to have around.

24. The best gifts are those you need but will not buy for yourself.

25. Drink more water than you want to. It will prevent headaches, encourage circulation, and make you an over all healthier person.

26. Wearing a watch regularly is very helpful in time management overall and will help you even when you do not have a watch on.

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