Monday, December 2, 2013

If I were a columnist ...

Woke up before alarm. Rolled over, snoozed. Alarm was alarming. Woke Chris up. Heard him mozy to the bathroom.  Got dressed. Looked for a deal online. No luck. Kissed Chris goodbye. Ate a piece of bread. 8:45, off to work. Christmas music in the car. Clocked in. Made focaccia dough. Checked my station. Made croutons. Wrote a list. Cut romaine. Cut mixed greens. Washed both. Croutons done. Made baba ghanoush. Tasted. Hmm eggplant. Put focaccia in oven. Cut tomatoes. Cut apples. Sliced cheese. Yum cheddar is my favorite. Ate an apple. Set up my station for service. Sliced tomatoes. Cut endive. Prepped beets. Service starts. Made a few salads. Slow day. Drank some water. Wrote another list. Attacked that list. Crumbled bleu cheese. Made a cookie plate. Crumbled goat cheese. Sauteed some shallots. Made sherry bacon dressing. Cut and cooked bacon. Made raspberry vinaigrette. Scarfed down a few noodles. Peeled beets. Made another salad. Cut beets. Asked to work tomorrow night. Does it say sucker on my forehead? Working tomorrow night. Finished off my work. Got the okay to leave. Clocked out. Two desserts rung in. Should I do them? Nah. Drove home. Ran to the bathroom. Is it unhealthy to hold it all day? Changed into real people clothes. Sat down. Wrote schedule for the week. Busy week ahead. Called my mom. Left a message. Started an email. Planning a big wedding next year. In charge of all the details. Wrote a list about what I am going to say in meeting on Wednesday. Meeting couple to discuss what we have to offer. Finalized list. Looked for pictures online. Bottom line: Rustic but Refined. Simple but Intricate. Let's sell it. Added to the email. Sent. Started a blog post. Call from Chris. On my way home. What to have for dinner. Tacos? Sure, but no lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream. Bad idea then. Talk in circles about what to eat. Burgers? Sure, but no lettuce tomato..Christopher stopping at store. Stomach rumbled. Grabbed a snack. Scanned channels. Nada. Missed call from mom. Phone tag begins. Caught her. Chatted about wedding plans. She mentioned my blog. Big fan. Only fan? Chris walks in. Rehash his day. Bear hug. Chris starts to make dinner. Wash dishes. Sit down. Say prayers. Indulge in burgers. More dishes. Retire to couch. Conversation about our day and Christmas. Watch special on Tim Ferris. Knee in pain. Receive knee massage. Currently watching The Santa Clause. Tree lit beside us. Cuddling on the couch with the one I love. All in all, good day.

*Some of you may not understand this blog post but it is inspired by my favorite "writing" monologue from a great movie. If you haven't seen it watch Marley & Me,  and read the book written by: John Grogan

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