Friday, December 13, 2013

Food Favorites

I like to eat soup and I like to make soup. I am a chunky soup kind of gal. The cool thing these days is to puree everything and Chris is into it. But I love a rich broth with chunks of vegetables or cubes of meat. Tonight we had lentil soup. It was delish. I really enjoy chili as well, which I think can be put under the category of soup. Today I made root vegetables soup with mushrooms.

I enjoy when Chris cooks Asian food. I know maybe that isn't politically correct because there are so many different types of Asian food, but I guess sometimes he often fuses the Asian foods together. He makes really good stir fry with rice noodles. Also I cannot get enough of his flavorful braised short ribs with white rice. AND the other day Chef Christopher made me sticky chicken wings (the only way I can describe it) and they were so phenomenal.

Lamb is my favorite protein. I don't get to eat it often because let's be honest it's pretty pricey. But where I work we make these great lamb burgers. Really good with cute little buns.

I am a sucker for grilled cheese. Such a simple meal that can be made so well. Tonight with our soup we had grilled cheese with provolone cheese and roasted red peppers. To. Die. For. really though, if I ever had a food truck, it would feature grilled cheese. You can do so much with it. Swiss with mushrooms or muenster with a little horseradish mustard. Really good.

My favorite fruit is pomegranate. Although it is hard to deconstruct the fruit is so versatile and juicy. The taste is like no other. A pear kind of tastes like an apple and has a similar texture. And a clementine is a small sweeter orange. But a pomegranate is unique and doesn't look or taste like any other fruit. It can be tossed in a salad where the seeds will burst and fill your mouth with flavor. Or you can cook it into a pie or a sauce, but my favorite way to eat it is on its own. Today I bought two pomegranates because they were on sale, and one is almost as big as my head. Crazy stuff. I actually find it meditative to deseed this fruit.

I am very into vegetables. I love them. Summer is the season for vegetables and so I find it hard to find the variety in the winter time. But because I cannot find fresh radishes or corn on the cob I try to eat as many greens as I can. I am a bitter greens type of girl, I love escarole and swiss chard, spinach of sorts and beet greens.

These are just a few of my favorites at the moment. But all of the time my favorite foods are changing. I mean when you do food for a living it's easy to change your mind when you taste something out of this world. I encourage you to go out of your box and find a new food favorite.

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