Saturday, December 7, 2013

what if?

What if pigs could fly?  Would we eat pork wings? Would they be good in buffalo sauce?

What if your best friend was a mermaid? Would you have trouble hanging out frequently? What would happen in the winter time? Seasonal friendship?

What if we all had Flintstone cars? Would everyone have really muscular legs?

What if magic was real? Would we all be really cool like Harry Potter? Or really lame like those people from Wall-e?

What if the first person to cut their hair, didn't? Would everyone have hair down to their ankles? Would we tie it up like CindyLou Who?

What if there were no locks on anything? Would people still steal things?

What if the sun never set? How would farmers know when to stop working? Would we have more produce because of the sun?

What if we still traded goods instead of money? Would there be as much greed in the world? Would people be more honest? Would people be more thrifty?

What if the ground was covered with a foot of water? Would someone invent motorboat shoes? Would we ice skate around in the winter time?

What if everyone spoke their mind all of the time? Would we have less friends? Would we have better friends? Would everything be simpler?

What if everyone on the planet had the same skin color? Would there have been an American Civil War? Would people find other ways to discriminate? Like hair color? eye color? sex? oh wait..

What if washers were never invented? Would people still gather at the river to wash their clothes?

What if everyone had access to a time machine? Would we cross each other's paths back in time? Would you go forward in time or backward first?

What if every person paid it forward? Would everyone smile a little more? Or would it just become the norm? We all need the darkness to see the light.

What if everyone's marriage was arranged? Would people be happy with this? Would the divorce rate be lower? higher?

What if everything you touched turned into your favorite thing? Would your favorite thing still be your favorite anymore? Would your favorite thing change frequently? Would your power be able to change if your favorite thing changed?

What if boys shared their feelings? Would it be a less stressful world? Would there be more successful relationships?

What if you fell asleep every time your eyes shut? Would someone invent something that could prevent you from blinking?

What if people hibernated liked bears do? Would we grow an extra coat of fur to keep us warm in the winter? How many of us would miss our birthday because we were sleeping?

What if your dreams are a portal into an alternate universe? What if you are actually awake in your dreams and people just explain the insanity that happens in your "dreams" by saying they are dreams?

What if your pet could talk? What would they say right off the bat? Do you think that you would still be friends if they talked? Do people need silent friends and this is why there are pets?

What if television was interactive? Would we be able to play The Price is Right from our couch?

What if there is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow? Does someone have a rainbow tracker and scoops it up before we even have a chance to look for the end?

What if you challenge yourself to write a blogpost everyday for a month, and you have to rush to write something uninspired because there are not enough hours in the day? Do you write it? If a tree falls in the forest does anyone hear it? Is anyone out there counting on me to write a blog post every day?

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