Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I want I want I want

I want world peace
I want to travel to Greece
I want a festive holiday season
I want to laugh for no particular reason
I want good health for those that I love
I want stress to be free of
I want a new knife roll
I want to strive for my goals
I want to start the new year out right
I want people to read what I write
I want everyone in my life to be happy
I want to be able to take an afternoon nappy
I want be the season to be joyful and merry
I once wanted to live with Laura Ingalls Wilder on the prairie
I want to stay young
I want to taste new flavors on my tongue
I want to make people smile
I want to put some travel miles on file
I want new socks in my stocking
I want my friends to come knocking
I want to be economically stable
I want everyone to be satisfied by the food I put on the table
I want Christmas to be here tomorrow
I want that seasonal snow!

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