Friday, December 6, 2013


I have always been a very independent person and enjoyed being alone. I guess you could call it antisocial, or maybe it's just shy, but my whole life I have been able to find comfort in my surroundings.

1) Reading-   I have always lost myself in books. I really enjoy reading while I am alone. I can spend hours in a book without noticing that no one is around. Recently I have been reading "The Fault in Our Stars" suggested to me and borrowed from my sister.  I have not really gotten into it yet, but once I get hooked into any book, it can be very difficult to get out of it. I think it runs in our family. The other day I was "babysitting" my teenage siblings and after bedtime I went down to check on them and scolded my sister Margot for still being awake. I asked if she had been on her phone and she said "No Trish, I promise I was reading, I can repeat the last sentence to you if you want." I just smiled. Many nights my father would come down to my room after he had been asleep for hours and tell me it was time for bed. 

2) The Bathtub- I enjoy a good spa day and putting on a facial mask and lounging in a hot bath is my one of my favorite peaceful activities.  Soaking is important for my tired muscles after a long work week. And at this point I turn on some instrumental music and close my eyes. I have tried combining the above hobby with this one and although they are both relaxing activities it is pretty stressful trying not to get the pages damp. 

3) Cleaning- I honestly enjoy cleaning more while I am alone. It's easier. No offense to the Chris style cleaning, but I like to have it all done by the time he gets home so that we can spend more time together  and it's a no stress cleaning time. I always used to clean my room and rearrange it for hours by myself when I was a child. 

4) Making Sweets- I enjoy baking when I am by myself. I am by no means a baker and I am not good at it. But I do really have fun experimenting with baked goods while I am singing at the top of my lungs to Sara Bareilles on Pandora. I do not really LOVE sweets as much as some people do but I think that when I get a craving for something sweet, I attempt to make it and by doing that I satisfy my craving without even eating whatever it was I made. Chris enjoys when I cook him up some sweets

5) Shopping- I am not a person who enjoys shopping for myself really at all. I actually get frustrated trying on clothes for hours and can get shopped out pretty easily. But I love looking for great deals and fun things for other people. My guilty pleasure is TJMaxx, and it's only a guilty pleasure because I try to go to different Marshalls or TJMaxx stores around the area to see if they have different things, and they do! I enjoy the home goods shopping more than the clothing shopping and so I guess sometimes I do shop for myself because some of the finds are for my home. There is something about the organized disorganization of this store that makes me love it. And I rarely shop anywhere else, because if you can get it at TJMaxx for half the price, why go anywhere else? I understand that you can go to the store looking for something specific and not find exactly what you are looking for at TJ's but it's like a lottery every time you go in. Yes, I am a proud Maxxinista. 

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