Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What to Watch

Friends- Never gets old. Honestly I laugh out loud every single episode, even if I have seen it a million times before. I started watching the show in seventh grade and haven't stopped since. Every time I think I have seen every episode I catch a new one. In our new apartment we can record shows, and so we have it set up so that it doesn't record repeat episodes and so every now and again we look at the line up and there are a few episodes that we either haven't seen or we haven't seen a million times. I mean everyone can relate to one or more character in the show and we grow with them. It wins best show of all time in my book.

Parenthood- The new show that Chris and I have gotten into is Parenthood. We started watching it on Netflix and can't get enough of it. As the name suggests it's about parenthood of all types. Any type of parenting you have had to do or have had done to you is portrayed through this great show. There are old parents and new parents, parents who have to deal with teenage children and underdeveloped children, parents who are not together and parents who are very much together, single parents and "trying to get together" parents. Christopher thought he wouldn't relate and be into it, but we are really both into it. It's really funny and yet I cry every single episode. I would highly suggest it.

A total Say Yes to the Dress girl, but I haven't seen it in a while. Every episode is the same, and yet I still keep watching because it's so nice to live through other people and everyone picks a different dress that fits their unique style.

Chris and I are big fans of Top Chef. We watch this well because it's entertaining and we can relate. We did watch Top Chef Masters and I liked it, although it was the first time that I had watched that spin  of Top Chef. I like when I know some of the chefs who are contestants, but I also like when I have no idea about them what so ever and I can form my opinions solely based on their food and attitude on the show. It's also nice because each season is in a different place and they are challenged to cook the food of the location they are in and also guests on the show are from that certain area. This season is in New Orleans which is a place that I would like to go someday so it's neat to be able to see the type of foods from that region of the world.

If you haven't been "Lost" then you need to lose yourself. Lost is an intense series that grabs you and has you on the edge of your seat every single episode. I guess when it was on television I was in some other land because I had never heard of it until I met Christopher and he referenced it so many times that I had to watch it. And he watched it again with me. The plane crashes, and you are like WHATS GOING ON! and from that point you have to know what is going on, and you make so many assumptions, all of which are wrong and then when it comes to the end of the series you don't know what to do with yourself because you have spent a big chunk of your life for the last few months putting yourself in the middle of the Island and trying to figure out it's mysteries. It gets a little shakey around season four, but if you stick to it and trudge on, you will get there. If you are looking for a good series to watch on Netflix, I would recommend this.

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